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How innovative / different is Blackpeach from other Business Services Offers?

Unlike others “market place”, “business centers”, “business network organizations”, “Parapublic”, we:

  • Do NOT accept any Fee to be listed on our “website” / program. We handpick our partners.
  • Do NOT have any business bias as we are totally independent and are not remunerated in a way or another from our Partners.
  • ARE entrepreneurs and know what it is to start and run a business.
  • Have a PROACTIVE approach and reach out to the ecosystem offering “value for money”. solutions and do NOT engage with any partner without having a clear understanding / genuine discussion / visiting them.
  • DO negotiate and do not just accept any benefits that would not make sense for our members.
  • Do NOT cater for one specific “business population” (Nationality, Local/Foreigner, Background, Religion etc.). We are ONE Entrepreneurs / Founders community.
  • NO “By invitation only” model.

How Blackpeach selects its partners?

First, from our own experience in Corporate, SMEs and as Entrepreneurs (25y in Singapore) and from others (Using word of mouth and RETEX). Then, from our down to earth methodology (Business intelligence, preliminary interviews & due Diligence, follow through during & after).

What is the expected ROI?

Simply cancel your accounts at anytime. Your current subscription will last until the end of the paid period.

Is Ace Card suitable if I already work with other service providers which are not Blackpeach Partners?

As you can see, we do have MANY categories and it is evolutive; we add new Partners on a frequent basis. You may want to take the opportunity of our membership to “upgrade” and optimize your OPEX by joining our Tribe.
Our philosophy is to be an “Inclusive” program with at terms more than 30 Categories so you must see it as a WHOLE.

How many Categories can I find?

Ace Card members will be able to beneficiate from 20-30 business solutions which cater to all their needs / stages of their development.

How if I can’t find the Category or if I want to suggest a specific partner?

Please approach us; we will be glad to assist and consider your idea/proposal. Also, for very specific requirement you may have for your business procurement needs, we are open to issue a quotation for Tailor Made Consulting Services to your specific need.

When can I start using my Ace Card?

From payment receipt, you will receive your personal card within 1 week. From then, you can deal with any of our Partners.

When does my Ace Card actually expire?

Your Ace Card expiration date is printed on the front of your Ace Card consist of a month and year only (MM/YY). Your Ace Card remain valid until the last calendar day of that month. If, for example, an expiration date reads 06/18, this means it can be used until midnight on June 30, 2017. If you attempt to use your Ace Card after this time, it will be declined.

What payment methods do you offer?

We accept all major credit cards (excepted AMEX), and PayPal.

What is the membership duration?

Membership duration is for 12months.

How can I cancel my subscription?

Simply cancel your accounts at anytime. Your current subscription will last until the end of the paid period.

Is my membership automatically renewed each year?

No. There is no auto renewal for your membership.

What is your refunds policy?

We don't offer refunds. That said, we have a fast, responsive and great support team and will do our very best to make you satisfied.

Is there any Fee to join?

NO. It is totally free to become a Partner.

What is the typical company profile of Blackpeach Partners?

We do pay attention to collaborative mindset and long term progressive partnership. We do not go for “Quantity” but “Quality”. We do believe there is no “One size fit all”; so, no matter “how big” or “how small” your company size is (From 2 employees to 5,000 employees) nor your turnover (From less than SGD 100K to SGD > 1Billion) we will be happy to explore partnership agreement with you.

Is there any specific requirement for Partners to be shortlisted / selected?

There are no minimum preliminary criteria to meet. We will set up a short discovery meeting and go through a Q&A session to better know each other and for us to get a good grasp of your solutions / offer. We will then evaluate (Relevance, Pricing, Track-records, Customer support and Benefits given) and if it meets Entrepreneurs needs and Blackpeach standards, we’ll move on from there and sign an agreement.

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