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    • FREE Company incorporation
      worth $450

      Starting a new Business? Get you company name check, reservation, and incorporaion for FREE and save S$450 upfront.

    • FREE 2 complimentary nights
      worth up to $900

      Planning a business trip or a vacation? Enjoy 2 FREE complimentary nights in Asia and save hundreds of dollars.

    • FREE Finance consultation
      worth $250

      Want to lose your accounting load to gain performance & efficiency? As part of your membership, you will enjoy 1-hour consultation with an international finance expert worth $250.

    • FREE Legal consultation
      worth $250

      Struggling with a legal issue but seeking legal advice from lawyers isn't an option due to cost consideration? Get trusted legal advice with practicing lawyers specialising in SMEs & styratups.

    • FREE HR consultation
      worth $250

      How can small businesses compete for top talents? Find the right talents while keeping hiring costs low by consulting with HR specialists for FREE and save $250.

    • FREE Employment contract templates
      worth $700

      Looking for simple yet effective employment agreements? HR specialists and HR lawyers will provide you with employment contract templates (worth $700) that cover all the Key Employment Terms as defined in the SIngapore Employment Act.

    • FREE Employee handbook
      worth $1,000

      Creating a company employee handbook can seem like a daunting task, but having one brings many benefits. Get tips and common pitfalls to avoid in a FREE employee handbook worth $1,000 from a top HR consultancy.

    • FREE Company HR policies
      worth $1,800

      HR Policies are not a nice-to-have for small businesses, they are essential to the function of your business from day-to-day. Get a FREE HR policy manual which icnludes checklists, procedures, forms, workplace health and safety, and other related legislation as is applicable in Singapore. Save $1,800!

    • FREE 1-day hot desking
      worth up to $120

      Travelling in Asia and needing a office for a day? Find a work space for a day for 2 in one of the hundreds of coworking, short-term office or business center accross Asia and save up to $120.

    • FREE Meeting room for 1hr
      worth up to $500

      Need an professionnal meeting room to impress your guests? Be inspired while talking business in one of the hundreds of conference room availble accross Asia. Get 1-hour for FREE and save up to $500.

    • FREE Storage concierge
      worth $40

      Do you have an item to be stored away? Don't scramble to call several storage providers trying to get technical quotes. Get a FREE storage with our storage concierge and never even have to step into a warehouse while saving $40.

    • FREE Event venue
      worth $800

      Organizing a company dinner, throwing a private party or planning a networking event? Save $800 for the perfect venue for your event in one of the most prestigious address in Singapore.

    • FREE Business consultation
      worth $250

      Are you running your business bu the results are not as expected? get a FREE hour of business worth $250 and find solutions to help you improve either your Business Model our your sales strategy and process.

    • FREE User experience (UX) report
      worth $500

      User experience (UX) will make or brake your app or website. Find out how people really behave when confronted with your website or app with a FREE UX report (u.p. $500) by a leading UX consultancy.

    • FREE 2-hour UX consultation
      worth $320

      Good User experience (UX) is good business. Reap the benefits of 2-hour UX Consultation worth $320 by getting educated recommentations on how to tweak and optimized your website/app for better ROI.

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