Doing business. Made easy.

Access to over 50 discounts from 40 service providers, and over S$6,300 worth of free perks, all for S$46/month.

Introducing Ace Card

The first Business Membership programme in Asia for entrepreneurs and small businesses.
Blackpeach Ace Card

Why Ace Card

Ace Card is packed full of features to make your business life that much easier.

Free perks & benefits

Ace Card lets you enjoy privileges traditionally reserved for MNCs and corporate executives (including discounts, preferred rates, perks, bonus pack, rewards...).

Qualified ecosystem

Ace Card brings together a pool of trustworthy service providers onto one powerful business ecosystem constantly growing.

Continuous support

Ace Card brings you hands-on guidance for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs.

Free perks

Get over S$6,300 worth of free professional services upon enrollment to start, run and, grow your small business.
  • UP S$450
    Company incorporation
  • UP S$250
    Legal consultation
  • UP S$250
    HR consultation
  • UP S$700
    Employment contracts
  • UP S$1,000
    Employee handbook
  • UP S$1,800
    Company HR policies
  • UP S$120
    Hot desk (1 day)
  • UP S$500
    Meeting room for 1hr
  • UP S$40
    Storage concierge
  • UP S$50
    Art gift card
  • UP S$800
    Event venue
  • UP S$50
    Business consulting (1hr)
*Respective Terms and Conditions apply

Benefits on demand

Enjoy S$50,000+ worth of exclusive business privileges traditionally reserved to MNCs.


8% to 50% off on best available rates on numerous products and services.


Hundreds of dollars off your invoices.

Bonus Packs

20% to 30% extra products and services for the same price.


VIP advantages, upgrades, and priority passes.

Trusted partners

Over 40 hand-picked solutions providers and brands to power up your business.

Supporting organizations

Discover. Network. Sell.
Get powered up by our supporting partners!

More cash, more time

See how much cash and time you’ll get back with Ace Card every year.

Simply convenient

All you need to optimize your business while enjoying your entrepreneur lifestyle.

Business & operations

Get preferred pricing on practical services and business solutions that you need to easily start, run and grow your small organization.

Travel & accommodation

Enjoy preferred rates, special conveniences, exclusive advantages, and other awesome privileges from entrepreneur-friendly hotels and travel services.

Lifestyle & entertainment

Receive exclusive offers at special prices from iconic brands embodying your entrepreneurs lifestyle as well as from activities and entertainment providers helping you achieve a perfect work-life balance.

Health & wellness

From fitness to crossfit to yoga classes, from medical to dental services, from health to travel insurances, members benefit from the collective expertise of leading health brands to get premier benefits on essential health services.

Leisure & gateways

Live life to the fullest by soaking up some of the most awesome experiences. We partner with leading short gateways and adventures providers to offer you great perks, exclusive status, and savings to match your schedule and budget.

Pursue you’re passion, we got your back!

Getting the Ace Card

We made the process easy for you. Yearly subscription. No auto-renewal.

Sign up

Fill in the form on the site to register.

(takes 30 seconds)

Sign up

Fill in the form on the site to register.

(takes 30 seconds)

Check out

Proceed with payment to confirm your subscription.

(takes 90 seconds)

Check out

Proceed with payment to confirm your subscription.

(takes 90 seconds)

Ace Card delivery

We deliver your Ace Card to your address.

(takes 5 to 7 days)

Ace Card delivery

We deliver your Ace Card to your address.

(takes 5 to 7 days)

One pricing

Simple and straight-forward yearly subscription to empower your business anytime, anywhere.



(paid annually)

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